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Blockie Design is a business launched with that certain enthusiasm of having a bunch of new ideas and wanting to get them out there.

Most of the designs for Blockie come from solutions and ideas I have developed throughout my career.

Having been a professional chef for over 30 years (more than 25 as a Head Chef ), I’ve felt the aches and pains,  triumphs and disapointments. The relentless grind and the family sacrifices that kitchen life demands, as well as the satisfaction that even the smallest achievements can give.

One thing I’m sure of is that there aren’t enough people thinking of ways to make kitchen life more comfortable and safer! Lets change that together!

Many of the products Blockie Design will bring to the workplace have not been seen before, or if so then we will endeavour to make them more ergonomically comfortable, with the professional in mind. Some products you might have seen before, but someone had to go and get them “built, Blockie Design will be your one stop shop for all the items no one else bothered with.

So if there isn’t a Blockie Design product for you today, come back and visit us again soon and I’m sure there will be a Blockie Design to surprise. Look out for the Blockie BLOG where my own homespun pearls of wisdom or maybe a tinkering project will give you a smile :)

Why Blockie ?

After world war 2, a government programe  offered to returning servicemen was to help resettle some soldiers on small farm blocks, starting from scratch, mainly growing fruit. Successful examples were the Sunraysia and Riverland districts although certainly not the only areas.

It was tough going for these blokes and their young families. They had to be resourceful, have perserverance and maintain a practical, innovative approach and  with a fair bit of “guts”. To me they are the unsung heroes of post war Australia, forgotten among the flashy hype of the fifties.

My Grandad was one of those “Blockies” and maybe I inherited some of that Blockie way of doing things.

Anyway happy kitchen tinkering,
Blockie Steve