hot cupboard trivet


The revolutionary Blockie Trivet has been designed to sit on the base of the hot cupboard , to prevent plates and food from over-heating . Never burn your knuckles again .

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Never burn your knuckles again * Don’t risk juggling hot plates  * Don’t torture the wait staff with over hot plates * Always have your required temp , be in control * Trivets lock together to avoid movement * Easily placed in cupboard without removing doors.

* Dimensions Each : Length – 540 mm          Width – 320 mm ( 20 mm overlap )

Generally all hot cupboards used for keeping plates or food warm operate on the basis of having a heating element traversing the base of the unit , underneath a metal “floor”.

This means that anything that comes into direct contact with the base then reaches a temperature far above the required /regulated temp by way of “direct transferance ” of the the heat . Simple physics really.

By placing an intermediate “shelf” , the Blockie Trivet on the base , the cupboard is then equipped to operate as it was always intended , that is to say by ambient heat .