Bain Marie Cover


The Bain Marie Cover has been seen before , but now you can acquire it , ready to go ! In the past if you needed such a device you had to go and get it "made up ". So don't wait any longer to add that much needed versatility to your service "passe".

It is designed to add another serving surface to your kitchen facilities , perhaps when you have to switch over to a " laying out " function style of serving.  Alternatively when there is a section of the bain-marie not being used for sauces etc , then use the Blockie Cover in that part to make it flat and safe to place whatever utensils /plates you need right at hand.

The accepted way of handling the unused part of a bain-marie is to place "lids" over it , whether there is a " pot " under it or not , it is still shaky and runs the risk of "falling " through . Very dangerous when we're talking about HOT food stuffs , and it is still not a "flat " surface . Don't accept the old , clunky way of setting up the bain-marie , get serious with a Blockie Cover .

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  • Blockie Covers are snug and safe fitting
  • Have an entirely flat surface
  • Reinforced to prevent bowing
  • Easy to place in and then remove
  • Just stow away on it’s side
  • Versatile used as a hot or cold surface
  • More professional appearance
  • Place over sink as a cover to gain bench space
  • Turned edges for safety and comfort

Materials:                                                                                                                                   A

  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel
  • Spot Welded
  • Ausralian manufactured
  • Blockie Designed


External 600 mm x 350mm               Internal Rim : 500 mm * 290 mm


XXX kg

Other features:

  • Internal rim designed to fit all gastronorm fitting openings
  • Welded rim adds stuctural rigidity
  • Turned down edge for comfort