corner handle



On a SLIDING cool-room door the existing long tube style handle has several user problems.When opening and closing the door the user must brace themselves by their feet  ,then grab and lean in the direction transferring most of their weight onto one foot .This means they are deliberately putting themselves "off balance" with the possibility of over compensating and slipping or dropping any items they are carrying or at least being in an awkward situation.

If the user has wet or slippery hands ,which is very common ,there is nothing on the tube handle to grip or at least stop the hand from slipping,therefor putting the user in an awkward situation again.

If the user is carrying buckets, trays or general stock and has not got "hands free"  then there is nothing on the tube handle allowing the user to push the door open/closed using the arm as commonly occurs  even though it's not best practice.

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* Chrome plated heavy duty construction.

* Designed and made in Australia.

* Opposing anchor points means maximum fixing strength.

* Helps minimize deterioration of door seal saving money on early replacement.

* Keeps door cleaner and more sanitary.

* Use on front door face for sliding cool-room doors.

* Use on side of door face for swinging (hinged) cool-room doors.

* Available only through Blockie online for delivery throughout Australia and overseas.



Overall Length : 550 mm

Overall Width : 75 mm

Handle Lenght : 500 mm

Profile Width : 30 mm

Depth From Door Face : 50 mm

Recomended 6 Anchor Points  ( S/Steel Self tappers and Drill Bit Supplied)